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Leveraging SYSTEMATEX expertise in: Project Portfolio Management, Performance Measurement, Project /Business Alignment, Strategic Planning and Outsourcing Assessment.

Client’s leverage SYSTEMATEX project management expertise through our management consulting services. In these assignments SYSTEMATEX is typically working with senior management to develop strategies and tactical plans to deliver significant business results in a 6 month to 3 year window.

Solution Offering

The following are a few of the management consulting services your SYSTEMATEX team can provide:

        • Portfolio Management – defining, structuring and implementing strategies to gain a better understanding of the projects your organization is doing and the value you expect to derive from these projects
        • Performance Management – assessing the effectiveness of functional areas including defining metrics and gaining support from all stakeholders
        • Strategic Planning – developing strategic models to help your organization deal with challenging concepts and then developing strategies to implement these concepts
        • Tactical Planning – plans to turn strategies into specific projects
        • Project / Business Alignment – working with your projects, programs or portfolios to ensure they are effectively aligned with the business expectations (part of business value-based project management)
        • Outsourcing Assessment – assessing your current outsourced arrangements or helping you determine the business case for outsourcing
        • General Management Consulting
SYSTEMATEX Management Consulting Team
        • Extensive management consulting experience with a team that is used to dealing at all levels from first-line manager to Chief Executive Officer.
        • Leading edge research/development into strategic portfolio, program and project management models and business solutions.
        • Independent thinkers who are not tied to any large integrators allowing us to bring an unencumbered perspective to your strategies.
Business Value
        • Improve linkage between business and projects through an effective portfolio management strategy
        • Initiate the right mix of projects – have a mix of operational improvements, traditional projects, research & development, and leading edge projects
        • Drive full value from your outsourced vendors through an independent review that will identify areas for improvement, areas to enhance the partnership with your vendors and potentially areas to bring back in-house
        • Engage line executives in projects to deliver business-value based project management through SYSTEMATEX’s strategic planning, portfolio management and tactical planning services.

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